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Get fit and enjoy it... Personal Training in a private studio with guaranteed results, since 2005...


  • get motivated
  • how to incorporate fitness into your everyday life
  • how to set real goals and achieve results
  • how to achieve positive progress and feel great about yourself

After assessing your individual goals, your habits and lifestyle, Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen will tailor a unique personalised exercise and nutrition programme to get you fantastic results.... She emails all clients their workouts and offers full support between sessions, whether answering nutritional questions or putting together a sports specific training programme. This is exercise that can be done anywhere, any time and is tailored to suit you. Prepare to get fit...and enjoy it!

What you will receive:
  • One to one training to suit your fitness level, lifestyle and budget
  • A copy of your programme, complete with photographs, exercise instructions and technique hints
  • Your full measurements recorded (BMI, body fat percentage, vital statistics, blood pressure etc) when required, to assist in goal recognition.
  • Ongoing support and information by text, email and phone
  • Access to discounted fitness equipment
  • Nutritional advice and information
  • A free monthly newsletter
  • Guaranteed results or your money back


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